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Regrets can play in my mind like a “previously on…” TV series montage. Each past scene that flashes by hits me with a pang of regret and a wish for a do-over. The other day I hit pause on a moment from 30 years ago and settled in. As the regret came, so did this insight: although I easily slipped back into the shame and pain of that moment, the supporting players have moved on. They are no longer stuck in that moment, judging me, anymore than I am that girl who made a mistake. It’s in the past, for all of us. The truth is, I’m free from the endless loop of regret. I can choose to stay stuck there, or press play and move on.

What works for me in this epiphany is the confirmation that came the very next day, when this quote from Maya Angelou appeared in my newsfeed (above). Many thanks to @beginwithyes and @ContemplativeMonk for gracing social media with forgiveness.

The words of a good friend, urging you to move on.

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