Women’s Events

Seasonal, spiritual and sensational

About Women’s Events

Authentic, Virtual Connection

This past year, technology brought us together in important ways. Zoom meetings – ehem, celebrations! – can be as fun as we make them. Maria’s Women’s Events are not like your average Zoom call.

Each event is thoughtfully crafted and designed for like-minded women to share in an authentic, engaging experience.

Maria Rodgers O’Rourke will guides guests through a specially-tailored programs filled with inspiration, insights, and opportunities to share your story.


Bring an open heart, wear something cozy, and let it all go. This is a time to be together. Let’s share what is on our minds, listen fully, and find deep joy in the midst of everything going on.


With thoughtful insights and questions, and the space to unravel, we’ll discuss what’s at the heart of our experience. Simply witnessing each other is a powerfully grounding and soothing experience.


In a supportive environment, we can share laughter, and maybe even a few tears. Life is full of ups an downs. Feel refreshed and alive as we affirm each other and root in gratitude. From this place, we can celebrate the possibilities.

Upcoming Events

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Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Whether you’re busy or bored, true presence means really taking a moment to check in with yourself. We each have incredible gifts to give to the world, but everyone needs a break. By deeply nourishing your own needs, you replenish your energy and inspiration to keep inspiring others.

Mary [tends] to her “Self”: her soul, that part of her where God resides. Our busy days challenge us to attend to the Self as well as the self. When both are cared for, marvelous transformations take place.

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