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The time is now – attend the virtual event of the season!

Come Together

inspired by the popular Advent by Candlelight programs

In a time of social distancing, technology has brought us together in important ways. Zoom meetings – ehem, parties! – can be as fun as we make them.

Christmas in the Present is a community-oriented evening gathering, designed for authentic exchanges and an engaging user experience.

Give Yourself the Gift of Time

Mary [tends] to her “Self”: her soul, that part of her where God resides. Our busy days challenge us to attend to the Self as well as the self. When both are cared for, marvelous transformations take place.

Maria Rodgers O’Rourke

Maria Rodgers O’Rourke literally wrote the book on enjoying Advent through self-care and spirituality – the perennial favorite women’s journal Prepare Your Heart for a Great Christmas. This new, exciting Christmas in the Present event series combines her talents in writing, speaking, and facilitation to create an unforgettable evening for all attendees, from the comfort of their homes!


Bring an open heart, a favorite beverage, and your Christmas spirit! This is a time to be together. Let’s share what is on our minds, listen fully, and find joy in the midst of everything going on.


With thoughtful insights and questions, and the space to unravel, we’ll discuss what’s at the heart of our experience this Christmas season.


Sharing a great evening of calm conversation, laughter and maybe a few tears, we’ll celebrate the possibilities this season offers!

Season Finale

All guests who purchase a ticket to attend any Christmas in the Present event are also granted exclusive access to the Finale Event!

This 60 minute virtual meet-up will follow a similar structure, but with a completely unique program especially for The Epiphany on January 6th. All of the lovely ladies who participated throughout the season are invited to join!

Together, we’ll celebrate the end of the Advent season and the beginning of the New Year, opening our hearts and minds to the new adventure ahead.

Take a Moment…

Support your Parish

Take this opportunity to contribute what you can to your local parish, donated directly, along with 7% of proceeds from all event ticket sales.

Meet with Friends

It may have been awhile since you’ve been able to catch up with other women from your parish community! Get together virtually and celebrate the season.

Set Intentions

The goal of Christmas in the Present is to help us get in touch with ourselves and the gift of the Now, and find a light to guide us through Advent.

Find Joy

If you’re feeling worried, anxious, sad, or frustrated… you’re not alone. No matter what your situation is, we’ll support each other and uncover positive, uplifting truths.

Join in

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Thoughtful conversation, lighthearted laughter, and so much more!