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I cross the pot-holed parking lot wearing my N95 mask on a sunny suburban afternoon. My destination: a popup vaccination clinic at a shopping mall. The online confirmation instructions: Enter through the cinema doors, next to the chain restaurant sign. A “By Appointment Only” banner rustles in the breeze. A few people exit beneath it,…

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The mystery of writing and resistance

“So, how’s the writing going?” my friend asked over lunch. “I’m working on my novel,” I sighed. “More like getting back to it, I guess. I’m about 2/3rds there. I hit a rough patch but just need to get back to it.” My voice lacked the enthusiasm you might expect from someone whose work, as…

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About Maria

Through her writing, events, and podcasts, Maria Rodgers O’Rourke offers light-hearted wisdom about creativity, work, relationships, spirituality, personal development – y’ know, life!

Create a space and time in your home for daily quiet time, prayer, meditation. Don’t worry about where the searching will lead you, just trust the search. Take the next step that appears, and the one after that, and the one after that. In time, you’ll look back and see how the path became clear to you.

Women’s Events

Maria hosts a variety of seasonal and spiritual workshops, webinars, and virtual gatherings for women.

Maria has a wonderful way of telling stories about everyday life experiences. She finds a way to touch your heart and helps you feel connected with humanity. I enjoyed the chance to spend time with such a wonderful group of ladies!

from Christmas in the Present

I thought of a lot of my friends and how I would share this with them if there were future events. It was a lovely way to bookend the season from the comfort of my own home.

from The Wise Women: Stars, Stories & Guiding Light

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Morning Pages Saved My Life
Morning Pages Saved My Life

Morning Pages started with The Artist’s Way and are now central to my “Monk in the World practice.” Here’s my story.

How Writing Fiction is like Being a Mom
How Writing Fiction is like Being a Mom

Writing, it has been said, is like giving birth. A man must have come up with that.

Two Moms, Two Cokes
Two Moms, Two Cokes

I reached through the window and paid for our drinks. I slid the straw through the lid and placed the chilled cup in her bony hands. She drank deeply and sighed with satisfaction, savoring the sugary mix.

It starts with slowing down, even for just a moment. Observe the feeling. Tell a story. Remember gratitude, notice the gifts around you. Set an intention for the day. Write a list. Let yourself laugh a little. Remind someone you love them.

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