My new hero never led an army into battle or wrote the great American novel. My new hero never sang a great aria or broke Olympic records. My new hero will never win a Nobel Peace Prize, but her quiet calm and steady resilience has inspired me.

My new hero is an iridescent glass globe that survived a kamikaze dive by our box elder tree the other night. Staccato shots preceded a massive whoosh and thump as the tree section parted company with its other two-thirds and landed squarely—whoomp—across our backyard deck.







In its path was a round glass patio table, now shattered and mangled beyond repair…save the globe that had taken up residence in the umbrella pole slot. This soap-bubble-surfaced globe had already survived a fall from the deck railing, its original stand was faux stone of resin molded to some vague Grecian design. That garden ornament took a tumble down the incline our deck straddles one windy night, yet the globe remained intact. Lacking a similar pedestal, we plopped her into the center of the glass table and thought little more of it as the summer turned to fall and these late November days finally revealed winter’s chill.
Then just after midnight Tuesday, unprovoked by wind or ice, the tree tumbled over on to the deck, puncturing a hole in it and traumatizing one corner so badly it buckled up like a potato chip. Under the mighty arbor suspended above the table’s shattered glass and mangled frame, lay the dusty but undefiled globe. My new hero.

Globe under tree

My New Hero











This post is a work in progress. More to come as we sweep up the mess and look for lessons! Please comment on your unexpected heroes, or when a surprise showed up during a “Like I Need This!” event.