1. Stop and pay attention: sunsets come on slowly but change quickly. If you see a beauty and think, ”oh I’ll take a good long look when I get home,” you’ll miss it.

2. Just because the sun is gone it doesn’t mean the show is over: On vacation in Key West, my one goal was to see the sunset over the ocean. My husband and two girls and I search for a spot to watch, but all the front row seats were taken on every pier. As the sun went down, we strained to see around the crowd. But after the sun sank in the water, people got up and left their tables. My enterprising husband quickly secured one, and the four of us ate dinner in the glow of the colors which lasted far beyond the sun’s appearance.

3. Some days are better than others, so hold on ’cause a good one is coming: One evening, the colors may not appear. Others, the sky’s on fire. Remember on the gray days that tomorrow may surprise you.

4. We haven’t heard the last word: Sunsets are spontaneous beauty that comes just when we thought it was all over, the day done, nothing more to say for it. Just when we think it’s all over, life may have other plans.

What lessons have you learned from a sunset?