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Mother of all Stereotypes

Practicing appreciation can help soften how you react to your mother-in-law, and that will bring you peace of mind. Remember: All of us are doing the best we can with what we know. Use what you know to take care of yourself.

What can I say?

Your question is an opening to grace. You want to be a conduit of it to your friends, and yet you’re frozen by your sense of inadequacy. All you really must do is show up.

Bosses who Overstep the Boundaries

Ever had a boss that was just too… what´s the word… Bossy?

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Baseball Buddha

We plan and make lists and think we control the outcome the whole time. And yet, the answers come when we surrender to what comes our way.

Maria’s Musings & Advice, Volume 1, fifth edition

Dear Readers, In a quandary? Life got you down? Need some perspective? Check this out: My new advice column! I’ll answer questions every week,* so if you’d like to ask a question, click here. I look forward to hearing from you, or “for a friend.” Please add your...

How Writing Fiction is Like Being a Mom

Writing, it has been said, is like giving birth. A man must have come up with that. I’ve been a mom for over 20 years, and an aspiring author for half that time, and I can tell you: Writing and publishing demand a different skill set than labor and delivery. As I’ve...

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